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5G Business &

Network Transformation

Briskwave’s series of 5G Consultancy Service packages help wireless carriers in their planning, vendor selection, and deployment efforts of their 5G business & network transformation.

Strategic Planning

  1. 5G Objectives: define the objectives of the 5G strategy considering the applicable 5G business drivers, and to identify the essential 5G technology enablers that are required to address them.

  2. 5G Business Strategy: based on the objectives of the 5G Strategy, identify the usage scenarios per market segments / verticals, the service management use-case scenarios, and the 5G business case

  3. 5G Network Strategy: maps the usage scenarios to 5G service classes, identifies the network operation use-cases, produces a target architecture, produces a 5G Network Deployment & Migration Strategy, with an assessment of each option against pros & cons, risks & opportunities, and recommendation of the optimal deployment strategy

5G Transformation Planning

The intent of the 5G Transformation Planning is to identify all additions, changes, upgrades, and replacements to legacy systems, networks, and services impacted by 5G and required to make them 5G-ready. Changes can be for capacity, functional, or integration purposes. It also involves identifying new business processes and people’s skillsets required by the 5G transformation.

  1. Cloud Infrastructure

  2. Legacy Services & Platforms

  3. OSS/BSS Systems

  4. 3G/4G Networks

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