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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Briskwave Consulting is teaming up with network operators, solutions providers, and investors to form the right technology and business strategies in a time when waves of promising new technologies and market opportunities are converging with a new financial rigor, and demanding a fresh approach to everything from strategic planning and technology and supplier selection, through to network design and service deployment.

Briskwave offers a rare blend of technical and business know-how, enabling clients to focus on the high-performance technologies and solutions that will bring high-return investments and enhance competitive differentiation.

Briskwave applies a strong financial discipline to the design, selection, development, and deployment of innovative wireless solutions, services, and processes. With a broad range of consultancy services, Briskwave helps clients rapidly take advantage of new opportunities, design cost-effective networks and efficient operational processes, and accelerate acceptance and deployment of new services and solutions.

We understand the technologies, market drivers, and business priorities, and we know how to bring them together successfully. We use our vast international experience to help a wide range of businesses – from start-ups to large global companies. Our consultants have unique bench strengths in bringing together and applying the specialized disciplines of business and technology. We help clients improve business cases and network designs, and we provide effective planning of new services and products from end-to-end, including requirements specifications, vendor selection and contract negotiations, and program management.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Briskwave's expertise spans a wide range of technologies and vendors' solutions.


Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Cisco, Motorola


Ericsson, Nokia

Small Cells

Nokia, NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco

In-Building Cellular System

Nokia, Huawei, Commscope, Crossfire, BTI Wireless

Performance Management System

Metrica, Netrac, EMC, Ericsson

Probe-based Network Monitoring & Service Assurance

Astellia, Tektronix, Empirix, Nexus

On-Line Charging System (OCS)

Nokia, NetCracker, Ethyia

Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform

Gemalto, Oberthur, G&D

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

SmartTrust, mFormation, G&D,  Gemalto, Ericsson, HP, Nokia

Handset Test Solutions

Spirent, Ibys, Keynote-SIGOS, TestQuest

Network Testing & Benchmarking

Swissqual, Veriwave, Seasolve

Our Clients

Our Clients

Mobile Network Operators

Bell - Videotron - Telus - Rogers - Sprint-Nextel - Mauritius Telecom - Net One

Solution Providers           

Openwave - EMC

Public Corporations

Radio-Canada - Hydro-Quebec - Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)


Ghana - Oman - Malawi - Mozambique - Swaziland - Tanzania - Uganda

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