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Test Strategy &

Benchmarking Programs

Handset Test Strategy

Briskwave has been involved in consultancy mandates to help carriers set-up, evolve, and improve their handset test strategy;

  1. Standard & Certification-based Test Specifications

  2. Industry Best Practices

  3. "Holistic" Test Coverage Strategy

  4. Strategic Testing: Testing Outside the Specifications

  5. Lab Infrastructure Recommendations

Benchmarking Program

For both internal & external programs, Briskwave offers a suite of consultancy services to define, improve, and evolve benchmarking services and programs;

  1. Process & Methodology: Definition, Review & Documentation

  2. Selection of Benchmarking Equipment

  3. Stationary & Mobile Test Scenarios

  4. Data Collection & Handling

  5. Equipment & Data Integrity

  6. KPI & Reports Definition

  7. Evolution to 5G

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